Manufactured capital

We depend on our extensive existing asset base of plants, property and equipment to sustain our ongoing service to our customers and provide them with the packaging products they require. With operations in 11 countries in Africa and in the United Kingdom and Ireland we are more than capable of meeting our customers’ needs.

We continue to upgrade our equipment and invest in new technologies that will contribute to achieving our goal of ‘Packaging Excellence’. The investment in modern equipment also plays a role in reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.

2016 2015
Production facilities:
South Africa Number 28 29
Rest of Africa Number 13 16
UK/Ireland Number 10 6
Research & Development facility
Cullet tonnes 59 000 63 000
Polymer resin tonnes 97 600 101 000
Aluminium and tinplate usage not disclosed for competitive reasons
2016 2015
Capital expenditure
-expansion R billion 1.0 0.8
-replacement R billion 0.4 1.4
Depreciation and amortisation R billion 912 802
Impairment of assets R billion 360 121

How we achieved our outcomes
  • Commissioned new aluminium beverage can line at Rosslyn
  • Expanded beverage can ends plant capacity
  • Reduced spoilage at Bevcan Springs
  • Installed diesel generators at all DivFood operations
  • Commissioned new modern equipment at DivFood Vanderbijlpark and Mobeni
  • Invested in new equipment to manufacture a range of plastic packaging

Trade-offs in our use of manufactured capital

The installation of modern equipment has impacted negatively on our human capital as operating this equipment requires fewer employees. Given our move to high-speed aluminium lines, we have impaired our tinplate line in Angola. Our financial capital will however benefit from this modernisation.