Intellectual capital

We regard innovation as a key competitive advantage and our R&D facility in Cape Town possesses both the required intellectual knowledge and expertise to give us the edge in providing constantly improving world-class packaging solutions to our customers. This facility, which has a budget of R42 million and is unrivalled on the African continent, celebrated its 70th anniversary in October 2016.

Our Nampak brand has been established over 47 years as a listed company and our ongoing investment in new technology provides our customers with the confidence that they will receive the expected level of service from us. Our logo ‘Nampak Packaging Excellence’ embraces our culture of providing outstanding manufacturing and service.

How we achieved our outcomes
  • Our R&D facility which employed no fewer than 23 scientists, two engineers, 10 technologists, three technicians and four business information researchers
  • An R&D budget of R42 million
  • Our 6 678 skilled and experienced employees
  • Intangible assets valued at R309 million (excluding goodwill)
  • Our technical association with a number of key packaging manufacturers

  • Reduced usage of tinplate
  • Light-weighted and redesigned plastic packaging
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Contributed to better food safety
  • Higher skills levels

How we achieved our outcomes
  • Engaged with affected employees regarding post-retirement medical aid funding
  • Held joint consultative discussions with all trade unions
  • Participated with industry partners on waste management and recycling initiatives
  • Responded to government call for comment on proposed waste management legislation
  • Kept the investment community informed on performance and progress on strategy
  • Continued with our social investment programme including rebuilding a school in Ibadan, Nigeria investing R680 000

Trade-offs in our use of intellectual capital

Our investment in intellectual capital reduces our stocks of financial capital in the short term but increases our human, manufactured, financial and social and relationship capital in the longer term.