Human capital

Through their expertise and experience our people enable us to operate our facilities safely, effectively and efficiently and contribute to the achievement of our goals and objectives.

We have a comprehensive approach to managing our people and we are committed to addressing inequalities in the workplace. We invest substantially in employee training and development. Our culture is inclusive and we value diversity. Our people operate within a clearly defined governance framework and must adhere to the group’s code of conduct and business ethics policy.

2016 2015
Number of employees Number 6 678 6 663
Graduate development programme graduates men 11 12
woman 15 8
Nampak apprenticeships Number 176 149
Bursaries awarded Number 40 45
Employee development investment R million 53.3 48.1
HIV counselling and testing* % 59 80
* Offered annually
2016 2015
Wages and salaries paid R billion 3.1 2.8
Lost-time injury frequency rate Rate 0.48 0.89
Work-related fatalities      
Employees Number zero zero
Contractors Number 1 zero
Non-work-related fatalities Number 2 zero
Managers attending leadership training Number 109 127
Graduate development programme graduates employed Number 26 20

How we achieved our outcomes
  • We continued with our self-audits on risk-control standards including health and safety which are then subject to peer audit.
  • Provided bursaries for studies in engineering, science and accounting which are critical disciplines for the success of our business
  • Further invested in our training and development programmes
  • Introduced annual group talent management reviews
  • Appointed highly experienced managers to improve procurement and information management

Trade-offs in our use of human capital

The installation of aluminium beverage can lines which produce more cans per minute than tinplate lines will result in a reduction in the number of manufacturing plants with a consequent reduction in employee numbers. This had a negative impact on human capital. However, our financial capital was positively impacted as the business has become more cost-effective, as demanded by our customers.

Training and developing our employees

We recognise the importance that leaders can have in maintaining our competitive edge in the market place. The Nampak graduate development programme is one of the ways that we grow our own talent. This programme is aimed at building capacity for our future managers and leaders.

Thalenta Mtshali was born in Osizweni, Madadeni, Newcastle and attended school at Thubelihle High School where he matriculated in 2004. He then went on to complete a BSc degree in electrical engineering at the University of Cape Town. He was the first person in his family to achieve a university degree.

In 2012 he joined the Nampak programme as a graduate trainee at Nampak Cartons and Labels in Denver, Johannesburg and in 2014 was appointed as a cold end technician at Nampak Glass. His responsibilities include the day-to-day running of the cold end of Furnace 3 but more importantly he has to verify that the glass packaging is of acceptable quality before it is despatched to our customers.

Thalenta says that the experience of the graduate development programme has added a new set of values and has taught him how to be humble, to take time to listen to conflicting views and to learn from the wealth of experience that Nampak has to offer.

Vuyo Dlova spent the early part of her childhood in KwaThema, Springs before going to school at Sacred Heart College in Observatory, Johannesburg. She matriculated in 2002 and went on to complete a BASocs degree in labour studies, organisational psychology and human resource management at the University of Cape Town.

In 2010 Vuyo joined Nampak Cartons & Labels as a trainee and was enrolled in the Nampak graduate development programme. She says that this is a clear indication of Nampak’s commitment to developing talent and that if you prove yourself by being open to the learning process your efforts will be recognised. After completing the programme Vuyo was initially employed as an internal sales coordinator at Nampak Cartons & Labels and then went on to manage some large and important customer accounts. She was transferred to DivFood in Cape Town in 2013 and is currently customer service manager based at the DivFood Bellville warehouse.

She recently completed the Management Development Programme which is run in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science.